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OUR Story

Our hearts desire is to represent the Lord Jesus in this world.  We don't want to be labeled as just a church.  The Kingdom of God is so much more than a church.  Our visionary Dr. Glenda Scott has experience what modern men views are for church and it's divided denominations.  "I believe we as God's people have been blinded by what the Bible calls the philosophies of men and not after Christ.  I myself having been a partaker of that blindness."  It was a painful experience, I had to loose everything I thought church was to gain everything it actually is, and that is a Kingdom.  Kingdom Citizenship which must become the reality of our individual lives. And the love of Jesus must be our means for everything.

We now desire to empower people who influence the arenas of culture outside the four walls of a church. All needing the impartation of God’s Spirit and the ability to hear His Voice in the five-fold ministers.Which is the purpose for His church. Our assignment is to touch all aspects of life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Business, Government, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Religion, and Family. We believe that God has reserved an Apostolic-Prophetic anointing for Kingdom Influencers as part of the Third Reformation of the Church. The Lord will also cause His light to shine in the darkness of worldly kingdoms, and cause the kingdoms of the world to become the Kingdom of the Lord and of His Christ. These Kingdom Influencers will have the ability to cause the one True Light, Jesus Christ, to be known in the 7 Mountains today. They belong to our God and Savior Jesus.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.  That's more than a membership.  We need ministry partners.   Let's connect.


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