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THE DOOR is a contemporary Christian ministry for delivery of life solutions into 21st Century culture.  Our mission is to use the love of Jesus, to reach people where they are and effect cultural change. Our Lord Jesus said, ... "go out to the highways and hedges and bring in the complete strangers you find there, until my house is completely full." So you will find us outside the traditional parameters of a church setting.  We will go into places and host events that may seem to some religious views, not suitable for a church.  Our mission is simple, go where the soul are and the "harvest is plenteous".   At THE DOOR, we are trend-setters....a trend-setter is someone who leads the way in ideas. The heart beat of our ministry is to be one of many movements in the Kingdom of God to pave the way for a firm foundation of Christian values in the 21st century socio-cultural mountains.  These mountains being, Family, Business, Education, Government, Media, Art/Entertainment and Religion.

We firmly believe that people can thrive and witness  in  socio-cultural mountains without losing their values or compromising their convictions.  In other words "Greater is He that is within us than he that is within the world." 1 John 4:4

our trend-settering Partners:2023 
Vic & Glenda Scott
Pastor Sammy.jpg
Sammy Davis
Shaddiyah Ware
Apostle Angela Flowers.jpg
Angela Flowers Tall
Pastor Diane.jpg
Diane Pace
Herman & Veronica
Caletta Davis
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